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Dr. Ellen Wolk
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 by Sasha Kossak
Gentle Healing

Dr. Ellen Wolk is an extremely knowledgable and caring practitioner who has adopted a very specific approach to Chiropractic care after years of working in the field in various settings. She is candid, has a calming presence, and has a refreshingly accurate understanding of how Chiropractic care is different from AND can compliment other forms of healthcare, such as physical therapy. I would recommend her to anyone seeking effective Chiropractic care, as opposed to those who just want to get their back "cracked"

 by Liza
A healing experience

I had a bad sciatica attack where I couldn't even step on or move my left leg. Nothing I did was touching the pain until a few hours after my visit with Dr. Wolk. I have some major stressors in my life right now and was in a bad state. Right after my adjustment with Dr. Wolk, I was disappointed that I wasn't much better, so just feeling tired, I went to have a time out on the couch with my husband who needed the same. I lied down with my head on his lap as we both just sat in total quiet and neither of us said a word. All of a sudden my entire body jerked and my husband asked me if I was OK. I told him my leg feels different and all of a sudden, I could move my leg without much pain. Then I got up and was walking around without holding onto stable objects or another person. As soon as I relaxed, the treatment was able to work and shook the pain right out of my body.

 by Jen Hocko
Thoughtful & effective chiropractor

I recently saw Dr. Ellen Wolk with both a chronic (hip) and acute (shoulder) issue. She thoroughly and kindly assessed the overall condition of my body, explained what was happening, and performed several painless adjustments. She answered all my questons throughout our session, demonstrating a vast knowledge not just of the physical body, but also of the mind-body connection. After our session Dr. Ellen suggested follow up care, and that evening, thoughtfully phoned to ask how I was feeling. That night I noticed that my jaw was so relaxed I didn't feel the need to wear the nightguard I have worn for 20+ years to protect against teeth grinding. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Dr. Ellen to my clients.

 by Suzanne Lepke
I recommend Dr. Wolk to anyone!

Dr. Wolk is a wonderful Chiropractor. I've been going to her for years. I would recommend Dr. Wolk to anyone.

 by confidential
10 year old girl got great relief from anxiety!

I brought my ten-year-old daughter for treatment with Dr. Ellen Wolk because she was experiencing severe anxiety symptoms. After a routine eye exam in January, my daughter began to complain that she was having difficulty breathing. I could hear her sighing regularly, like she needed more oxygen and her body was trying to regulate itself. The difficulty breathing led my daughter to worry in bed at night which led to more difficulty breathing. Without our quite realizing it, a downward spiral had begun. Within a few days, the downward spiral reached its peak and my daughter was not breathing properly at all. She was also not sleeping, not eating, crying hysterically for hours and hours and not able to go to school. We were at a loss. Visits with her primary care physician and school counselor were helpful, but didn’t help alleviate my daughter’s acute symptoms. I began to worry that she might need medication in order to find relief. It was at this point that we sought chiropractic care. Knowing that chiropractors treat the nervous system and that anxiety is part of the human autonomic nervous system, I took my daughter to Dr. Wolk’s office. I was immediately comforted by Dr. Wolk’s capable and calming presence. After my daughter’s first treatment, she was able to sleep in her own bed through the night and she regained some of her appetite. What a relief!! After just a handful of additional treatments, we felt that we had our daughter back again. She was no longer crying hysterically and she was back in school. She is still prone to worry and often asks that we lead her in a meditation to help her go to sleep, but the acute symptoms are gone. I am happy to report that earlier today, a few months after her first visit with Dr. Wolk, I picked up my daughter after a four-days-away-from-home field trip. When we were in the acute phase of her anxiety attack, I was not sure she would not be able to complete this field trip. I can happily report that she had a wonderful time away from home and has come back with a spring in her step. We are extremely proud of her and so very grateful for the capable and healing expertise of Dr. Wolk. I can honestly say that our path through this challenging period was made profoundly easier by the gentle, compassionate chiropractic care of Dr. Ellen Wolk. Perhaps the best recommendation of all is that our daughter LOVES going for treatment.

This contributor requested anonymity to protect the family’s identity.

 by Stuart McCann
I Feel Like a Younger Man

I've been under Dr. Wolk's care for about a month now. I had aches and pains. They seemed to be part of middle age. You know, growing old. Thanks to Dr. Wolk, I feel like my younger self again. Thanks Dr. Wolk!

 by Bernice von Saleski
Helped Me with Tight Muscles

Dr. Wolk's assessments are thorough, and she has helped me with muscle tension in my neck, shoulder, back, jaw, headaches, and tendonitis in my elbow. She is a gentle doctor, but yet she is able to give me such wonderful relief from my knotted muscles. She does adjustments and gentle massages to help the muscles to relax. She knows just the right treatment for each ailment for which I have gone to her. She is a healer that I highly recommend. She cares about her patients, and that means this is someone you can trust. I feel like a new person every time I see her.

 by Janet Law
Helped Me Post-Pregnancy

Dr. Wolk helped me with gentle adjustments after I had a baby. You know how everything just gets out of place carrying a baby for 9 months! I had back pain post-pregnancy, but Dr. Wolk has helped me to get rid of that pain. I always feel like a brand new person when I leave her office!

 by Phyllis Zusman
Resolved my neck pain

I regularly get a terrible stiff neck from spending too much time at the computer. Dr. Wolk has adjusted my shoulders, and back in addition to my neck, to relieve the pain and increase my mobility. The best part is that she does it in a gentle way so I don't hear and feel that awful cracking I've had with other chiropractors.

 by Danielle E.
Help with Headaches

Dr. Wolk is very good at what she does. She is attentive and understanding and has changed my view of chiropractic. There is no cracking and jolting. And she keeps my headaches at bay! Yay!

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