Welcome to Gentle Chiropractic Blogging!

Welcome to the Blog for Dr. Ellen Wolk, Gentle Chiropractor!

What a way to combine two of my deepest passions–chiropractic care and writing! I have been practicing GENTLE chiropractic care since 1992. I have been writing and loving it ever since I can remember learning to write! I am REALLY EXCITED to be able to share this blog with you.

Watch out for future posts, which will include latest news, interesting articles and discussions.


Lots of GREAT News and EXCITING Changes coming to Dr. Ellen Wolk, Chiropractor’s office!!!!!

It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve so many of you at 751 Main Street in Waltham over the last 14 years.  NOW it is time to move my practice just up the street a few miles to 124 Watertown Street, Suite 2F, Watertown, MA.  Official opening day is Monday, January 6, 2014. What an AWESOME start to the new year!!!

There will be LOADS of FREE PARKING  Don’t worry when you see numbered spots they are all undesignated, so you can park anywhere except handicapped spots (unless, of course, you have a handicap placard).  Way better parking than I have had for the last 14 years!

Finally after 22 years in practice, I will be able to offer total handicap accessibility to my patients–there is a ramp and elevator located in the back of the building.

There is a large, light filled waiting area and there is a bathroom right in the office–no more hall key needed!

I am so excited to be able to share this move with you.  I am very much looking forward to seeing you in my lovely new space.  Make it a great new start to the New year. Come on in and get adjusted.  Make 2014 a VERY HEALTHY Year!

Sincerely,  Dr. Ellen Wolk